Dastardly Deeds

(Ep. 29) Smooth Operators

You never know when your girlfriend will show up

Experience awarded: 20 (Surgo, Kush, G-rar, Kal, Hopps, Gadget, Doc)
Bonus XP awarded: 5 (Hopps)
Locations: Tersis
NPC Interactions: Astol Cirrik, Nortoo, Irradia Nul, Sole Braxis
Job: Take out a Gank Cyberneticist for Astol Cirrik
Reward: 100K credits, damaged medical droid

  • Gadget, Hopps, and G-rar are surrounded in a shop while on a shopping trip in Tersis by members of Astol Cirrik’s gang.
  • G-rar completely avoids the notice of Astol’s men and Gadget manages to convince them they only need a single hostage?!
  • Hopps is taken prisoner and disappears into a landspeeder.
  • Using a tracker planted by G-rar the crew of the Last Chance locates Hopps in a destroyed bunker originally raided and trashed by the original trio in ’ (Ep. 4) Shaking up Tersis’.
  • Hopps is sitting by himself in the bunker wired with explosives, which Kal manages to disarm.
  • Astol Cirrik uses a holo-projector, left behind by her gang, to offer the crew a job killing the Ganks’ Cyberneticist for 100K credits.
  • After returning from the rescue of Hopps, Surgo discovers that his girlfriend, Irradia Nul, has come for a surprise visit accompanied by a handful of chaperones.
  • Surgo and Irradia Nul have a brief reunion.
  • While Kal distracts the chaperones, Irradia is convinced by Doc to have a girls only luncheon and explore Tersis , Gadget tags along.
  • G-rar plays invisible bodyguard for the girls’s excursions.
  • The remainder of the crew discover from Nortoo that the Gank cyberneticist operates out of a night club called the Diamond Droid.
  • The girls only luncheon evolves into a girls night which happen to culminate in a trip to the Diamond Droid.


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