She's a doctor. That's all.


Born to a middle-class merchant on Corellia, Doc has always been a doctor at her core. First stoked by watching her father tend to minor injuries of his employees, Doc’s zeal for medicine has been her motivation for as long as she can remember. Her family encouraged this, her father by collecting texts on anatomy and physiology while her mother worked another job to save for Doc’s eventual education.

In this positive environment, Doc quickly displayed aptitude alongside her attitude. She became the first choice among Corellian shipyard workers too poor to afford the local hospitals, and at fifteen years old, she took the entrance exams for the prestigious Lunis-Medix Medical Academy and was accepted.

Despite a penchant for mischief and a disregard for authority, Doc excelled in her schooling as well, graduating early thanks to her voracious study habits. She quickly found work on Coruscant, in a med center on the lower levels. Doc found that she loved it there. The lack of resources and the criminal culture of the lower classes provided endless new species and injuries to challenge her.

Doc’s skill and ingenuity, as well as her utter disregard of anything that wasn’t medicine, soon garnered her a reputation, and one day she was brought a patient. His companions refused to identify him, insisting that he just needed a bacta bath, no questions asked, but Doc ascertained that the vibroblade injury he’d sustained had punctured his lung. He would drown in the bacta before it could save him, so she took him into surgery instead.

The patient died before she could complete the procedure, but Doc had no way of knowing he was the son of a shipping magnate who had been running a small spice ring behind his father’s back. The father, blaming Doc for his son’s death, soon came after her, and Doc barely escaped his assassins. Trapped and desperate, she fled to some smugglers she had once saved, and was forced to plead for help. The men put her in contact with their boss, one Shole Braxis. Cut off from her assets, Doc couldn’t pay, but Shole offered her a deal; he would get her off-planet and even deal with the predicament she was in for her for free, but in return-while he worked on it-he had some associates whom he felt could use a physician of her talent and resourcefulness.

Thus, Doc became The Last Chance’s medical officer. She keeps the terms of her agreement with Shole absolutely secret, along with her name and much about her, from the crew. They’ll have to earn her trust if they want to know more about their mysterious doctor.


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