Zultan Grall

Played 'Smesmax the Wise' on GH is now a pirate captain


Handsome Falleen just oozing with charm.


Zultan Grall has been a supporting actor on General Hothpital (GH) with his character ‘Smesmax the Wise’ (Sismax? or Sintax??). With is modest success Zultan decided to try to become the next lead antagonist on GH. In-order to achieve his goals he decided to do some character research into the underworld. An actress (Irradia) on GH recommended he meet the crew of the Last Chance on Tersis.

After joining the crew of the Last Chance in an attempt at stopping a nemisis, the pirate captain ‘Cutter’, Zultan was able to take leadership of 2 of the ships in Cutter’s Fleet. He has decided that piracy will be more fun than acting.

Zultan Grall

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