Dastardly Deeds

(Ep. 36) Hide the Evidence
Getting rid of a very hot ship

Experience awarded: 20 (Surgo, Kush, G-rar, Kal, “Hopps”, Doc)
Locations: Sullust system, Asteroid Scapyard
NPC Interactions: Licx Pisdins (Sullustan, Scrap Merchant)
Job: Dispose of Imperial ship
Stolen ships scrapped: 1
Profit from salvage: 200K

(Ep. 35) Terrorism?

Experience awarded: 20 (Surgo, Kush, G-rar, Kal, “Hopps”, Doc, Gadget)
Locations: Tersis, Teh’Jar
NPC Interactions: Nortoo, Mako
Job: Pay off a Hutt
Ships Stolen: 1
Imperials Murdered: ~300
Debt to a Mako: 500K

(Ep. 34) Sniper's Lullabye
Doc dodges bullets

Experience awarded: 15 (Surgo, Kush, G-rar, “Hopps”, Doc, Gadget)
Locations: Tersis, Travnin
NPC Interactions: Nortoo, Eddie, Crev Esov (Deceased)
Job: Find the Sniper
Rewards: E-11s Sniper Rifle (Attachments: Superior, Telescopic Optical Scope, Vibro-Bayonet), 5 Frag Grenades, ACP Repeater (Blaster Carbine)
Limbs Severed: 1

(Ep. 33) Cutter's Revenge
All the world is a stage

Experience awarded: 20 (Surgo, Kush, G-rar, Kal, Gadget, JB-8)
Locations: Tersis
NPC Interactions: Shole Braxis, ‘Cutter’, Zultan Grall, Bobbal, Leeta
Job: Survive
Reward: Life
Pirate Fleets Divided: 1
Pirate Captaincy seized by GH Stars: 1

(Ep. 32) Reverse Hijacking
Pirates should just blow you away

Experience awarded: 15 (Surgo, Kush, G-rar, “Hopps”, Kal, Gadget)
Locations: Tersis, Space
NPC Interactions: Shole, Leeta, Bobbal
Job: Making Pirates regret piracy
Reward: Gozanti-class armed transport, the Diamond Droid
Pirates Enslaved: 1

(Ep. 31) Starship Troopers
Explosive do all the work

Experience awarded: 20 (Surgo, Kush, G-rar, “Hopps”, Kal, Gadget, Doc)
Locations: Shesharile
NPC Interactions: ‘Sad’ Sam Saget
Job: Destroy the Nest
Reward: 10 K Credits, So many explosive
Bugs Slain: Innumerable

(Ep. 30) Broken Circuits
Ganks are bad at revenge

Experience awarded: 20 (Surgo, Kush, G-rar, Kal, Gadget, Doc)
Bonus XP awarded: 5 (Surgo, Kush, G-rar, Kal, Gadget, Doc)
Locations: Tersis
NPC Interactions: Poch, Shole Braxis
Job: Survive the Gank assault
Reward: 1 intact missile launcher and parts of 3 others and lots of Gank weapons
Ganks Slain: 45

(Ep. 29) Smooth Operators
You never know when your girlfriend will show up

Experience awarded: 20 (Surgo, Kush, G-rar, Kal, Hopps, Gadget, Doc)
Bonus XP awarded: 5 (Hopps)
Locations: Tersis
NPC Interactions: Astol Cirrik, Nortoo, Irradia Nul, Sole Braxis
Job: Take out a Gank Cyberneticist for Astol Cirrik
Reward: 100K credits, damaged medical droid

  • Gadget, Hopps, and G-rar are surrounded in a shop while on a shopping trip in Tersis by members of Astol Cirrik’s gang.
  • G-rar completely avoids the notice of Astol’s men and Gadget manages to convince them they only need a single hostage?!
  • Hopps is taken prisoner and disappears into a landspeeder.
  • Using a tracker planted by G-rar the crew of the Last Chance locates Hopps in a destroyed bunker originally raided and trashed by the original trio in ’ (Ep. 4) Shaking up Tersis’.
  • Hopps is sitting by himself in the bunker wired with explosives, which Kal manages to disarm.
  • Astol Cirrik uses a holo-projector, left behind by her gang, to offer the crew a job killing the Ganks’ Cyberneticist for 100K credits.
  • After returning from the rescue of Hopps, Surgo discovers that his girlfriend, Irradia Nul, has come for a surprise visit accompanied by a handful of chaperones.
  • Surgo and Irradia Nul have a brief reunion.
  • While Kal distracts the chaperones, Irradia is convinced by Doc to have a girls only luncheon and explore Tersis , Gadget tags along.
  • G-rar plays invisible bodyguard for the girls’s excursions.
  • The remainder of the crew discover from Nortoo that the Gank cyberneticist operates out of a night club called the Diamond Droid.
  • The girls only luncheon evolves into a girls night which happen to culminate in a trip to the Diamond Droid.
(Ep. 28) Race to Escape

Experience awarded: 20 (Surgo, Kush, G-rar, Kal, “Hopps”)
Locations: Canaar, Tersis
NPC Interactions: Del Tan
Job: Aid Del Tan in the recover of a Jedi artifact

  • Surgo accidentally discovers a series of chamber connected to the Jedi Temple’s main chamber.
  • Kal threatens and attempts to intimidate Del Tan.
  • First the crew finds a large meditation chamber.
  • Surgo explores the dormitory and manages to find a secret compartment containing a training lightsaber, taking a mild shock from a hidden security device.
  • In a excitement Surgo run down the hall to show off the light saber and manages to touch the training lightsaber to his leg causing complete paralysis of the leg.
  • Kush explores a room containing the decaying generator and is unable to return the system to full power.
  • “Hopps” finds a secret compartment in a desk one set of private quarter in the temple, the security device renders him unconscious. An ancient scroll is hidden in the compartment.
  • Upon regaining consciousness “Hopps” stashes the scroll in his smugglers coat in order to hide it from Del Tan.
  • The crew decides they better return to the surface, but find that the bridge crossing from the main chamber to the entry hall is partially retracted.
  • Everyone but Hopps makes it across the gap with relative ease except for Hopps who must be pushed across by Kush using his jet pack.
  • Once the crew reaches the cavern past the entrance to the Temple they discover they are minutes way from being scalded to death by impending eruption of the geyser.
  • As the crew rushes through the caverns to the main shaft leading to the surface Hopps and Kal fall well behind, until Kal manages to pilot his jetpack through the narrow tunnels with Hopps in tow.
  • During the crews egress Del Tan manages to get escape the caverns ahead of the crew.
  • Upon exiting the cavern the geyser erupts and Hopps is again rendered unconscious along with Kal.
  • Del Tan is waiting with a squad of ISB guards with the promised payment, plus a bonus.
  • Surgo is distraught by the revelation and Del Tan ask him to join him as a Arbiter for the ISB. He also reveals he is attempting to keep the holocron away from the Inquisition.
  • Once the crew returns to the Last Chance they are set upon by three Inquisition assassins looking for the holocron.
    *G’rar manages to find one of the one-man speeder bikes used by the Inquisition’s assassins.
(Ep. 27) Back to the Temple

Experience awarded: 20 (Surgo, Kush, Gadget, G-rar, Doc, Kal, ‘Hopps’)
Locations: Adarlon, Canaar
NPCs Interaction: Del Tan


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