Dastardly Deeds

(Ep. 1) Turned the Corner
Star Wars beats dungeon crawls

Played ‘Star Wars: Edge of the Empire’ Beginners Box and had a blast. Decided we all wanted to create our own EotE campaign. Planning for future adventures began.

Experience awarded: 20 (PJ, Jason, & Brandon)

(Ep. 2) A Party for All
Stealing a ships is hard

(Our night began with character creation and some general campaign discussion.)

Experience awarded:10 (Kal, Surgo, Kush)
Location: Travnin
NPCs Encountered: Nifisos Tedoru

A trio made up of Kal Kyber, Surgo Icharus and Kush Vlezza, are brought together by one Ellor Odai, senior ISB agent, not by assignment or intention but by his treachery. The three barely escape Ellor with their lives and find themselves a few days later on Travnin in need of a drink. Everyone, but especially Kush Vlezza, gets smashed and ends up in a little brawl. Some hours later after their heads clear they find themselves still languishing in the constabulary’s holding cell for an unknown reason… (Our adventure begins)

A helpful constable reveals that his lieutenant is still trying to connect to the hyper-net and check the identities of the prisoners before releasing them. The trio decide they had better vacate the premises a little prematurely. Kush causes a ruckus with some other occupants of the cell to distract them as Surgo uses a belt buckle to open the holding cell door. When the door is opened the helpful constable rushes in to see what has happened without rousting his cohorts. Kal stuns the hapless constable with a holdout blaster, he had well hidden on his person. As they exit they send the mostly still intoxicated occupants of the cell toward the squad room and they exit out the back.

Despite some drunken antics by Kush the group makes their way toward to the moon’s spaceport without drawing any attention. The party decides that acquiring a ship, with the no credits to their name, is the next step. They decide to steal a light freighter the ‘Nebula Nymph’ who’s owner, Nifisos Tedoru, is likely a smuggler. In their attempt to gain access to the Nymph’s hanger they locate tools in a nearby mechanics room. Kal murders the belligerent Ugnaught mechanic as Kush searches for and finds the necessary tools. Kal proceeds to hid body and miss direct the responding spaceport security as Surgo and Kush manage to gain entry to the hanger. The Nymph is deserted and all the trio find is some smuggled Glitterstim. Kal manages to convince the spaceport control to release the ships docking clamps with credentials stolen from the constable he stunned earlier. As they leave Travnin no pursuit is apparent.

(Ep. 3) To the Shadowport
Pissing off the Ganks gets you a job

Experience Awarded: 20 (Kal, Surgo, Kush)
Location: Tersis
NPCs Encountered: Poch, Shole Braxis, Uduru, Astol Cirrik
Job: Raid a Gank hangout for Shole Braxis

  • Kal makes a spectacular landing on Tersis, impressing a few locals who happened to be watching.
  • After landing, Kush attempts to force his way into a Gank bar and starts a firefight, a few Ganks die.
  • After the firefight the trio is approached by Poch an associate of Shole Braxis, a local gang boss.
  • Shole hires the trio to take out a Gank hangout, lots of Ganks die.
  • While fighting the Ganks, Surgo attempts to force jump across a room and smashed headfirst into the bar.
  • After the fight, Kal and Surgo line the bodies up in front of the Gank hangout.
  • The next day the trio rescues a poisoned Shole and a trapped Uduru from Shole’s compound.
  • During the rescue a rival gang boss and plot mastermind Astol Cirrik attempts to shot down Uduru as he carries Shole to a doctor.
  • Kush pursues Astol across a rooftop, but fails to catch or kill her.
(Ep. 4) Shaking up Tersis
Stealing spice is a rewarding hobby

Experience awarded: 20 (Kal, Surgo, Kush)
Location: Tersis
NPCs Encountered: Zuutti Dana, Kef Zin
NPC Interations: Shole Braxis
Job: Steal a spice stash from Astol Cirrik for Shole Braxis

  • The trio pays a visit to the local arms dealer Zuutti Dana.
  • Shole hires the trio to seize or destroy one of Astol’s spice stashes located somewhere outside of the Shadowport.
  • The determines that a shop, the ‘Salvage Hutt’, owned by a Toydarian businessman named Kef Zin is a delivery point for Astol Cirrik’s spice.
  • Surgo intimidates and abuses Kef Zin and the trio sets up an ambush for the next spice delivery.
  • The trio sucessfully ambushes the delivery and are able to track it back to a hidden warehouse well outside of the Shadowport city limits.
  • The trio takes the Last Chance out to the hidden warehouse where they use the ships guns to destroy the doors to the stash.
  • The stash is successfully taken and delivered to Shole and the trio are paid in part with the installation of a Bacta Tank in the hold of the Last Chance.
(Ep. 5) A New Line of Work
There are always consequences

Experience awarded: 20 (Kal, Surgo, Kush, JB-8)
Locations: Tersis, Adarlon
NPCs Encountered: Kail Lokar, Maxom Vuull, Fengris Drexel
NPC Interations: Shole Braxis
Jobs: Deliver some spice to Adarlon for Shole, Protect a Holodrama Star

  • A buzz-droid accidentally activated in Kef Zin’s shop starts to follow the crew of the Last Chance around.
  • A group of heavily armed Ganks ambushes the crew in the streets of Tersis.
  • The crew decides to let things on Tersis cool down for a while.
  • Shole asks that the crew make a deliver of some spice to a popular resort and entertainment planet Adarlon.
  • Crew delivers the spice to Kail Lokar at a mountain top resort.
  • When asked about work Lokar directs the crew to a middleman Maxom Vuull in Belrand, the capital of Adarlon.
  • Maxom offers a job guarding a planetary celebrity and star of the long running holo-drama General Hothpital Fengris Drexel.
  • The crew agrees to protect Fengris for two weeks, while he waits for a chance to get off world for a time.
  • First attempt against Fengris is made with a group of small stunner equip mini-droids.
  • The mini-droids manage to stun Surgo. Kal and Kush take great pleasure in throwing Surgo into the mansions pool to wake him up.
  • A second attempt is made with several non-lethal retrieval droids, which are handily defeated by the crew.
  • A final attempt is made on Fengris as the crew escorts their charge to a private spaceport. The corpses of these bounty hunters are lined up by Kal and Surgo after they are defeated.
(Ep. 6) Applying a Little Pressure
Intimidation is fun

Experience awarded: 25 (Kal, Surgo, Kush, JB-8)
Location: Adarlon
NPCs Encountered: Hathor Keth, Vash Finn
Job: Intimidate a politician for Shole Braxis

(Ep. 7) Getting an Education

Experience awarded: 20 (Kal, Surgo, Kush)
Location: Adarlon, Yelsain, Teh’Jar
NPCs Encountered: Regal Varrik, Synn Ryoo

  • Visited the University on Yelsain
  • Intimidated the Secretary to the Archeology Department by playing Sabacc in the waiting room
  • Meet the Archeology Department Head Regal Varrik
  • Acquired coordinates to a Ancient Madalorian Fortress on Teh’Jar
  • Managed to get past a Compnor checkpoint by attempting to pimp out Surgo
  • Meet ex-Professor of Jedi Studies Synn Ryoo
(Ep. 8) Spelunking and Treasure Hunting
Kal is bad at chasing down Archaeologists

Experience awarded: 20 (Kal, Surgo, Kush, JB-8, Doc)
Location: Teh’Jar
NPCs Encountered: Seena Yomaros (Cerean, Archaeologist)
Job: Explore Ancient Ruins
Explosions Set Off by Kal: 2
Demented Basilisk Droids Destroyed: 1
Reward: Ancient Mandalorian Armor, Ancient Cortosis Sword, Energy Crystals

(Ep. 9) Field Trip and Entomology

Experience awarded: 20 (Kal, Surgo, Kush, Doc, Talik)
Location: Tersis, Karideph
NPCs Encountered:

(Ep. 10) Stirring the Pot

Experience awarded: 25 (Kal, Surgo, Kush, Doc)
Location: Tersis
NPCs Encountered:


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