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  • (Ep. 35)

    Experience awarded: 20 ([[:surgo-icharus | Surgo]], [[:kush | Kush]], [[:grar | G-rar]], [[:kal-kyber | Kal]], [[:hopps | "Hopps"]], [[:doc | Doc]], [[:gadget-riskyr-vys | Gadget]]) Locations: [[Tersis | Tersis]], [[Teh'Jar | Teh'Jar]]

  • Seena Yomaros

    Encountered in a network of caverns below an ancient Mandalorian fortress on [[Teh'Jar | Teh'Jar]]. Managed to escape [[:kal-kyber | Kal]] in the fortress. Kal lied about the escape to his crew, but no one was convinced.

  • Mako

    Mako has yet to earn the respect to be called 'Mako the Hutt', but this young Hutt is striving to earn that respect and grow his criminal empire. Works with the [[Weequay | Weequay]] pirate [[:cutter | 'Cutter']].

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