Sector: Minos Cluster
Government: Democracy (Strongly influenced by business interests)
Population: 1 billion (90% human and 10% Other)
Population Centers: Capital Belrand, 5 large cities, and numerous scattered resorts and resort towns

Economy:Tourism and Entertainment

  1. Export: Holos, holo-entertainment
  2. Import: Food, luxury goods


  1. Class 2
  2. Docking Fee: 200 credit/day

Environmental Modifiers:

  1. Breathable atmosphere
  2. Temperate
  3. Never fully dark during night cycle (-1 Setback die concealment)


  • Forests
  • Mountains
  • Lakes
  • Ocean

Imperial Presence: A small Imperial Army garrison, an Imperial Customs office, and 4 Imperial Customs cutters
(Anti-Imperial sentiment, many of original settlers immigrated from Alderaan)

Maxom Vuull (Middleman)
Kail Lokar (Spice Dealer/Black-marketeer)
Hathor Keth (Bounty Hunter)
Zekk Wan (Slicer)
Vash Finn (Politician)

Other NPCs:
Fengris Drexel
Iago Damar
Irradia Nul
Chalbran Enneb


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