Sector: Minos Cluster
Government: Democracy (Voting restricted to humans)
Population: 4.5 million (70% human, 15% Sullustan, 10% Bothan, 5% Other)
Population Centers: 1 large city (planetary capital Tradetown), a large university town, and numerous small towns and outposts


  1. Export: Food, wood
  2. Import: Machinery, electronics


  1. Class 4
  2. Docking Fee: 50 credit/day

Environmental Modifiers:

  1. Breathable atmosphere, high in oxygen (Disoriented for first 24 hours)
  2. Low gravity (+1 Boost die)
  3. Temperate
  4. Prone to extreme weather


  • Forests with massive trees
  • Lots of vegetation
  • Hills
  • Lakes
  • Small Ocean

Imperial Presence: Several satellite COMPNOR recruiting and training centers with headquarters in the University town.

Contacts: Regal Varrik, Synn Ryoo

Other NPCs:


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