Under the noses of the violent face-off between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, wealth and glory are sought by those of less-than-reputable means.

A group of misfits, criminals, and malcontents, the motley crew of The Last Chance strikes out for personal gain and infamy across the Minos Cluster of The Outer Rim. When you’re desperate for allies, you don’t always get to choose who flies with you.

A force-sensitive ex-slave (Surgo), an aspiring ship technician (Gadget), a questionably talented surgeon (Doc), a rugged ex-poacher (G-rar), an addiction-addled pilot (Hops), and a manipulative gunslinger (Jikush).

Sometimes, when the cards just aren’t dealt in your favor, you’ve got to throw caution to the wind, and perform some truly dastardly deeds.

- – - – -

Currently, two previous companions, an ex-ISB Imperial informant (Kal) and his droid companion (JB-8), are missing.