Dastardly Deeds

(Ep. 43) Nuxvar

Sometime You Just Want a Statue

Experience awarded: 20 (Surgo, Kush, G-rar, Kal, “Hopps”, Doc)
Locations: Yelsain
NPC Interactions: Jaxsus Tread (Human, Settlement Admin), Dozzen Mader (Sullust, Merchant), Crum Grav (Bothan, Smuggler Captain)
Job: Bring Remaining Smugglers in Line (Continued)
Charities Created and Funded: Irradia’s Kitchen, Free Clinic
Violent Low-Lives Killed (by a Violent Low-Life): 3
Credit Collected: 150,000AurebeshSans-Serif_credit.png


nathanrking nathanrking

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